Welcome to the Undersea Academy. This is an online school for exceptional mermaids and mermen, or for those wanting to shift into a mermaid. We will teach you many courses throughout the year, and answer any questions you may have. Here at the Undersea Academy, we want to have fun and enjoy our years here, however, there are rules that come with this.

  • Rule No.1- Bullying is NOT tolerated at the Undersea Academy. This may be a school, but more importantly a family. We must respect one anothers opinions and beliefs. If anyone is caught bullying, they will be suspended or, (depending on the case), expelled.
  • Rule No.2- For safety purposes, I suggest that you be 13+ for joining the Undersea Academy. If you are younger, please bring this to my attention, and I will see what I can do. Note that each case will be decided upon individually.
  • Rule No.3- We accept merfolk of all kinds and types. Please understand that this is not just a school for mermaids and mermen. We accept selkies, cecaelia, sirens, and many other merfolk as well. If anyone has a problem related to their pod or beliefs that they cannot be in contact with certain "lore", than please make me aware of this, and I will handle the problem as needed.
  • Rule No.4- NEVER give out your account info on this site. Your password and account info is personal, and YOUR information. Please keep it that way :) As for phone number, e-mail, and more, this is your choice, however, UA is not responsible for anything that may happen such as cyber-bullying, spamming, etc. Do this at your own cost.
  • Rule No.5- HAVE FUN! Even though there are some rules, don't let them rain on our parade. Here at Undersea Academy we have expect you to take pride in your school, and have spirit! We want you to make new friends throughout the year, and have the best time of your life throughout your stay at the Undersea Academy.